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Posted by Barbara on 24/10/2016

The Friends of Trinity Surgery hired the hall recently for a fundraising event and we would like to thank the Caretaking staff for the excellent attention we received from them. We will most certainly recommend the use of these facilities to anyone who needs a local venue.

Posted by Connor Fabela on 19/01/2015

Thank you for letting us film at the oasis centre, me and my crew found the whole experience an enjoyable and unforgettable time. Your staff were very friendly which made the process much easier to coordinate. The rooms we were allocated more than suited our needs in terms of setting, and the space helped give our project the atmosphere of a school examination room. During filming I found inspiration from the space provided in regards to what the space could be used for. I found that the wide area can be used for many different projects for other filmmakers such as myself to use, and I would strongly recommend other filmmakers such as myself to get in contact with the oasis centre as the rooms provided can inspire creativity as well as provide setting for many different scenes you may need in your film, Thanks once again to Chris and the staff for giving permission to film on their premises as well as their kindness to our crew, I look forward to collaborating with you in future p

Posted by Carol Alderton on 17/05/2013   Email

Hi Thanks for the newsletter and giving us publicity. Already had response from picture in the Citezen.

Posted by Susan on 13/02/2013

I just wanted to let people know of the positive experience I have had recently at the Oasis Centre in Wisbech. I attended a Confidence Course that was running there on a Friday morning for 10 weeks. I went on my own and was feeling nervous when I arrived. I was welcomed by a lady called Chris who works there, she was really pleasant and friendly, which made me feel much more relaxed. The course tutor was called Bev and she was fantastic! Another really pleasant lady who made us very welcome. We were given refreshments throughout the course and the course was offered to us FREE of CHARGE. The course itself was so good that I can't recomment it enough, I have learnt so much from it and I am putting things I have learnt into practice on a daily basis. I am really please that I found out about the courses on offer at the Oasis Centre and recomment that people pay them a visit.

Posted by Mrs Scott on 04/05/2012

What a lovely clear site!!

Posted by Chris on 16/04/2012

I recently attended a fun day activity at the Community Centre and my children had a wonderful time. Thanks to all the staff who made it a great day out and it was all free. Where else can you go today for this sort of entertainment for free.